05 February 2011

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and what better way to bask in wonder of your loved one or plot their demise than with a movie marathon. I know just what you need to enjoy/feel better about the day:

When You're in Love:

* Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset- In "Before Sunrise", Ethan Hawke meets the lovely Julie Delpy on a train and they spend the evening falling in love. Of course, it's doomed to end. Now, before you grab for your hankie; the sequel picks up 9 years later when the two bump into each other in France. They spend the day together and reminisce about that one night in Vienna. Are they ready now to give in to love? I love the sequel more than the original, but if you haven't seen either now is the time. Richard Linklater ("Dazed and Confused", "Slacker") at his most romantic.

* Titanic- Why do people in love relish a good tragedy? I have no idea, but this movie tops the list for sappy young women reliving their youth while simultaneously torturing their significant other.

* Wall-E- I'm not a huge fan of animated movies. When I was younger I thought I would always love cartoons like my Dad does. Unfortunately, as I got older the cartoons got worse. "Wall-E" is the exception. A beautiful story about not only romantic love but love for our planet.

* Good Will Hunting- How do you like them apples?

* Jules et Jim- Can a love triangle stand the test of time? If you're Jeanne Moreau and this in 1960s France, you bet your bonnet!

* Edge of Love- When love triangles go wrong. Who will win, the wife or the fist love?

* Annie Hall- One of my top 10 movies of all time, it reminds me that Woody Allen is talented even if he is recently misguided in his efforts. It also showcases his most natural romance on film with the titular character, a bohemian modern day suffragette played by Diane Keaton.

* Amelie- The French really know romance. Who wouldn't like this whimsical tale of a shy Parisian girl who lures her crush in with kooky games and a travelling gnome? Communists maybe.

* Secretary- For the kinkier in love set there is no greater movie.

* Garden State- For the hipster, introspective types.

* Brokeback Mountain- I'm still pissed this didn't win Best Picture at the Oscars, but I can get my revenge by making everyone I know see it. A beautiful and tragic love story. Is there any other kind?

* Almost Famous- Maybe you're not in love this V-day, but you're not all homicidal either. A boys love for music and his first real crush on a girl converge in one of the best soundtracks of all time.

* Benny & Joon- Oh Johnny Depp, what can't you do?

When You're Out of Love:

* Singles- You're 20s are defined by a series of one-night stands, flings, first loves, and singledom. This movie wraps it all up in a perfect, mid 90s, plaid bow.

* Swingers- Depending on your gender, this is either a cautionary tale or an awesome adventure. Either way, the fast paced, witty dialogue and who's who of actors make it one of the best comedies ever.

* Chasing Amy- At least your love life isn't this complicated.

* The Sweetest Thing- Every lady I know loves this movie and for good reason. It's hilarious, depicts female relationships in a realistic way, and the love interest is almost secondary to the friendship between the three leads. Did I mention it's hilarious?

* High Fidelity- Grab a box of Kleenex and your crate of records and tuck into the best break-up movie ever. See also, killer soundtrack.

* Heavy- Just seeing the trailer for this movie makes me tear up. Plump Pruitt Taylor Vance works at his mother's diner/bar. When the lovely Liv Tyler shows up looking for a job, his life is forever altered.

* The Thing Called Love- Samantha Mathis wants to be a country song writer, her roommate Sandra Bullock fancies herself a singer. River Pheonix and Durmot Mulrroney get in the way. Love this movie about heartbreak!

* The Virgin Suicides- The title says it all.

* Closer- The undeniable wretchedness of people is explored with amazing performances by all. I was numb after watching this movie and highly recommend that feeling this time of year.

* All the Real Girls- David Gordon Green ("Pineapple Express") used to make really personal, intimate films like this one about a womanizer who falls for his best friends sister. Can people change? Would you want them to?

* (500) Days of Summer- How about a Zooey Deschanel mini-marathon? The trajectory of a doomed relationship is chronicled.

* Le Divorce- Maybe it's because I'm a girl, or maybe because I love period dramas and comedies, but I love Merchant Ivory films. this one got a lot of slack when it came out, but it's a nice adaptation of the book about a young woman in the midst of divorcing her French husband when he gets murdered. What divorcee hasn't thought about that? Naomi Watts is wonderful of course, and the only let down is Mathew Modine chewing up the scenery as per usual.

What are your favorite movies when you are in or out of love?

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