15 February 2011

Orange BAFTA Awards

First off, why are they orange? I've never understood this or, it seems, cared enough to look it up on wikipedia. Oh well... The British Academy of Film and Television Awards was broadcast Sunday on BBC America. I like the BAFTA's. They are an intimate affair and speech's are not cut off for time. Of course, they only broadcast the biggest awards so there is little fear they will go over the two and a half hours allotted.

Who won? Should we care?
The winners are usually British heavy and they rarely stray from the other awards shows that have already happened. That being said, there are usually a few surprise winners; usually those who have done good work but will not receive the Oscar.
Best Picture, Best British Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor, Original Screenplay, Supporting Actress, and Best Music went to "The King's Speech" naturally. Just another notch in the belt towards an Oscar win for Best Picture. I don't think Geoffry Rush will with the Oscar, but then he must not have thought he would win this one as he wasn't there. Helena Bonham Carter gave a lovely speech:

Best Director went to David Fincher and Best Adapted Screenplay to Aaron Sorkin. If they're not in your Oscar pool, they should be. Inception won Special Effects, Art Direction, and Sound; True Grit- Best Cinematography; Costumes when to "Alice in Wonderland" in a bit of a surprise, but the other nominees were a bit lacking.

Rising Star Award
One of the things I love about the BAFTA's is their recognition of young talent. The Orange Rising Star Award is voted on my the public from a short list put together by some of the most interesting names in film today (Tom Ford was on the committee this year). Past winners have included Kristen Stewart, Shia LeBeouf, and James McAvoy. This years nominees were Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Gemma Arterton ("Quantum of Solace", "Prince of Persia"), and Aaron Johnson ("Kick- Ass"). The winner was Tom Hardy ("Inception", "Bronson"). Unfortunately, he wasn't there to pick up his neon orange drama head either. Boo!

Special Honors
Sir Christopher Lee received the Academy Fellowship, a type of lifetime achievement award. He was very lovely receiving it and it was almost hard to believe he is 88 until he slowly walked out on the stage. How amazing that he is still working, and even more so that there is such love for his earlier Hammer films!

The Harry Potter franchise received a special Contribution to British Film award. They really do deserve it. Before HP, who would have thought England could produce such a large spectacle. That was American territory! Instead, they have produced a truly multi-cultural affair that has forever changed the face of not only British cinema, but movies the world over.

Best Moment
Rosamund Pike and Dominic Cooper presenting Best Original Screenplay. I'm still not sure if she was a tip pissed (i.e. drunk), or just nervous but the whole thing was a disaster. The worst (read: best) part was when she opened the envelope and almost read the winner before the nominees were even announced. Cooper looked like he might fall over and die. Jonathan Ross (talk show host and MC) ran over and slammed his hand on the envelope. It was hilarious!

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