19 January 2011

67th Golden Globes: The Ricky Gervais Show

The downside to having the two days after the Golden Globes off is that I'm slow to the party on my review of everything that happened. That being said, the recovery time was well warranted and welcome!

This may have been the worst year for my predictions in history. I usually average about 90% on the Globes, but this year it was more like 64%. Damned TV shows ruining my average!

We had a great time at my friends house with food galore and lots of cute party touches, like a red carpet into the house and beautiful color ballots. We noshed on guacamole, black bean dip, mini quiche, cheese tray (I'm still dreaming of Drunken Goat), chips, cup cakes, and red velvet cake. Oh, there were some nice looking pigs in a blanket but of course I avoided those. Lots of champagne too!

"Johnny Depp showered! And Robert Pattinson! The world's gone topsy turvey!"- me

The best part of any awards show may be the red carpet. There were a lot of misses in a sea of hits:

The Best:

Seacrest: Did you come by yourself?
Corey Monteith: Yep, by myself.
party goer: Mark it!
side note: "Mark it" is what you yell anytime something unintentionally sounds dirty or perverse.

The Worst:

The Meh:

"I like how that thing under her name is her nickname"- Referring to Nicole Kidman "Rabbit Hole"

Okay, now that that's out of the way let's talk about the actual show.

* I thought Ricky Gervais was hilarious! Way to take the piss on such a big night. While it may have been in poor taste to talk smack about "The Tourist" in front of both its stars, it doesn't make what he said any less true. I also have to agree with Josh Wolf on "Chelsea Lately" regarding Robert Downey Jr calling out Gervais as being mean spirited: You're going to follow that with a list of how you have or would like to bang the list of best actress nominees? It was funny, but not any less controversial. It's time to loosen up Hollywood!

* Bill Nighy + The Science Guy = The President of HFPA

* Robert DeNiro's speech- Is it racist?

* I did pretty well on the movie awards. I loved Natalie Portman's speech. It was the most personal thing I've ever heard her say. We saw her parents for what I believe is the first time and she totally embarrassed her fiance! ("You might recognize him from the movie where they ask him if he would want to sleep with me and he's like, No. Well, he totally does want to sleep with me!") It was cute and unexpected. Annette Bening came off like the pompous ass we believe her to be and Paul Giamatti was funny.I guess this means I have to see "Barney's Vision" now. Crap.

* Melissa Leo may have had the best speech were she references "those few hours we spent in the Maritime Hotel..." with the director, Or, at least I think that was who she was referencing, I didn't write that part down! Grrr! Second best speech of the night goes to Chris Colfer and his dedication of his award to the fans who tell him that "Glee" has helped him in their life and that bullying is never the answer. It was really touching.

* I couldn't believe how wrong I was as far as TV awards! The Globes really strayed from the Emmy's this year. Usually, there is more overlap. I was so excited for "Boardwalk Empire" and Steve Buscemi (totally called it). That show is amazing. Maybe next year Michael Pitt will get some love. I couldn't believe Kathy Sagal won for "Sons of Anarchy"! Not because she isn't brilliant, she is, but because she never wins. In fact, I think this is her first nomination for the show. Go girl! "Glee" beats out "Modern Family" which I probably would have called if I remembered we're talking about the foreign press, and "Carlos" beat everybody for best mini-series. I heard it was good, but I don't get the Sundance Channel and it's fraking long.

* Tent Reznor wins a Golden Globe and becomes the front runner for the Oscar. It's like I've died and gone back to 1998!

* "The Social Network" beats out "Inception" and I feel horribly for Christopher Nolan. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. It's like it's 1995 all over again. Facebook= "Forrest Gump" and "Inception" = "Pulp Fiction". This was one of the toughest yeas in the Best Picture Drama category. Still, I feel the best movie should be the one you are still thinking about, still talking about, want to see again and again. I really liked "The Social Network", but I don't need to see it again right now. I'd like to watch the special features maybe. "Inception", however, is a film I couldn't wait to see again, to talk to my friends about, to watch the bonus features. It took over my mind for several weeks. It has haunted me.

What did you think about the Golden Globes?


  1. So, I grabbed the wrong pic of Halle Berry. The correct, and frankly more horrifying picture, can be found here: http://gofugyourself.com/golden-globes-fug-carpet-halle-berry-01-2011

  2. I didn't watch this because I was at work and I'm too punk rock for DVR, but I was glad to see that Social Network won for film and score when I checked the results. And, after finally seeing Black Swan, I'm happy (but not surprised) that Natalie Portman won best actress. I really hope she gets the Oscar as well, which I'm sure she will.

  3. Ha! I was pretty stoked by Reznor's win. I would put all my money on Portman winning the Oscar if I had any money just lying around waiting to be used for no real good.