28 December 2010

Worst Movies of 2010

Just like with the best of the year, given some distance; many movies that I was indifferent to found their way on the list and others that I originally found to be alright are now rubbish. Below are my picks for the worst movies released in theatres in 2010. Check out the links for my review. Who did I leave off?


The Last Airbender

The Wolfman


Percy Jackson & The Olympians


Red- This one went from a feeling of "eh" to the worst list. Next time, let's just film Helen Mirren and John Malkovich run around. It will be a lot more entertaining.

Date Night

When in Rome

Leap Year- Although the original review says 3 stars, it's really just 2. Matt

Greenberg- I guess I forgot to review this movie. I could have sworn... This is probably telling. What many critics are placing in their Top 10 Lists, I am firmly placing in the worst. I love the ennui of Noah Baumbach. "The Squid & The Whale" and "Margot at the Wedding" are wonderful films about family dysfunction. It was particularly painful when after watching this movie (co-written by and co-starring his wife Jennifer Jason Leigh- love!) that they announced they were divorcing. Is "Greenberg" a study at their own lives? Who is misanthrope Ben Stiller representing? The shining light in a movie that is too depressing for its own good is Greta Gerwig, of the Mumblecore film movement, really shines through as a young woman trying to find her own way and getting caught up in the experience of Greenberg. There is a moment in the film when she is dancing for him and for a second you think he's going to change and stop self destructing. Of course, he instantly realizes that too and acts like a jackass. I don't mind depressing movies, really. Sometimes there is nothing better that drinking a bottle of wine and crying. "Greenberg" however isn't just depressing, he's narcissistic and arrogant. He makes you want to punch him in the knee caps. Why would I want to watch a guy like that for 2 hours?

And now for the movies that made you shrug your sholders and promptly forgot about a month later. Here is my list of the movies of 2010 I ended up just being ambivilant about:

Alice in Wonderland

Robin Hood- This got 3.5 stars?

The Crazies- I think with a good amount of beer, this movie could be more enjoyable.

Valentine's Day

Survival of the Dead

Hot Tub Time Machine

The Last Exorcism



  1. I can't disagree with you because the only 3 movies that I've seen on that list, I ALSO disliked. PREDATORS (ugh), THE CRAZIES (ugh ugh), and SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD (ugh x3). A lot of people have defended the CRAZIES remake, but I dunno. I was bored as shit when I saw it, and it was so predictable that it got the point where I could call when there was gonna be a jump scare, or when someone would get shot, or when the camera would turn and one of the "crazies" would be standing there, etc. Yeah, a pretty dumb movie IMO. I'm very excited to see LAST EXORCISM, though, just because of this controversial and divisive ending that everyone seems to be talking about!

  2. The only thing I liked about The Crazies was that it was an advanced screening and we got to sit with a lot of other bloggers and critics. The whole section of us was laughing and talking back to the screen!

    As for The Last Exorcist, the ending is what totally ruined it for me. I have a feelin your response will also be, "Come on!!"

  3. Re: Robinhood, my husband said we should watch "the new Robinhood movie" the other day. Then I reminded him we watched it about a month and a half ago. He didn't believe me. "We did?" "Yes." "We DID?!" "Yes." "Are you sure?" "Yeah, don't you remember when Maid Marion *insert spoiler here* and you said, 'Oh, GOD! That would never happen! UGH! It's sooooo stupid!'?" "No." "Well, we saw it."

  4. Thank goodness one of you remembered or you would have been in a world of hurt for 2 hours!