11 May 2011

My Years in Movies

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog is a fun movie blog hailing from the UK (or Australia, or somewhere like that. I can't find the post where he mentions where he's blogging from.) Regardless, you can get insights on movies that have not released in the states yet and revisit those that have. Recently, he issued a challenge to pick not only your favorite movies, but one for each year you have been alive. Fun!

1981- Evil Dead
82- Poltergeist
83- The Hunger
84- Ghostbusters (I didn't plan for this to be all horror related)
85- The Breakfast Club (See! I told ya!)
86- Aliens (Oops...)
87- The Princess Bride
88- Beetlejuice
89- Say Anything

1990- La Femme Nikita
91- The Addam's Family
92-  Batman Returns
93- Groundhog Day
94- Pulp Fiction
95- The Usual Suspects/ Hackers (What? I get one double!)
96- The Craft
97- The Fifth Element (Well there went my no repeats rule)
98- Elizabeth
99- Boondock Saints

2000- American Psycho (Though if I were being honest, it would probably be "Bring it On" for the sheer volume of times viewed)
01- Donnie Darko
02- Road to Perdition
03- Kill Bill, Vol. 1
04- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
05- Sin City
06- The Departed
07- Eastern Promises
08- In Bruges
09- (500) Days of Summer
2010- Inception
11- Hanna (So far)

What's really weird is how recent some of these movies seem and how old that makes me feel. Doesn't it feel like "The Departed" just came out a year or two ago? Try over 4! It's like when I was talking about music the other day with a friend and I mentioned how I usually prefer the "B" sides and they asked, "What's a 'B' side?" I think my jaw literally hit the floor. Of course, if you're under 25 tapes are just something you see at a vintage store or garage sale.


  1. This is a good idea, and great picks too. I might do one of these. It would even start on the same year as yours.

  2. And I just realized that my e-mail address is showing up as my screen name. Weird. *profile edited*

  3. Hmmm... My email says i have comments, but now I don't see them.

  4. I posted these when blogger took a shit last month and everyone's comments and posts got deleted! Glad to see they finally showed back up.

  5. Me too! It was so annoying. At least they FINALLY fixed the problem