29 March 2011

I'm finally finding my footing after a great week in Ireland, and a brief tour of Amsterdam. I'm blogging my travel-log here if you are interested.

Now a word about in-flight entertainment:

Delta- The only bad thing about this flight were the movie selections. Sure, they started off with Oscar winning picture "The King's Speech" (seen it, give it a solid "okay"), but then it's like they lost out on the bidding war. "Wall Street 2"? Did anyone pay to see that? Why should I be subjected to it on a transatlantic flight. Thank god for sleeping pills. I awoke to "The Karate Kid" and I got excited for a second because my sleepy brain thought we were being treated to a classic. Nope, wrong again. This time tiny Jaeden (or however you spell it) Smith is getting beat up by bigger Asian youth. I have no idea what's going on, but I'm going back to sleep.

Of course, I don't expect to be entertained on a flight. That's why I borrowed a Kindle and brought my iPod. Still....

KLM- THIS is the way to travel. You get your own TV and remote with a huge selection of current and classic movies, TV, music, games- You name it, they've got it. I watched "Burlesque" (my sister made me), "Love and Other Drugs" (Love), and "Salt" (not as bad as I anticipated). Praise be KLM for understanding there are lots of different tastes out there. Also, for not editing the movies for content. This is a big plus for private entertainment... I just realized that sounded dirty. Plus, they fed us a lot. Every couple hours there was a snack coming around or a meal. We could get up and grab cookies and candy and drinks from the galley at any time as well. I need to take more international trips so I can fly them again.

"Burlesque"- This is not a good movie. While the sight of watching Cher sing while her face remains immobile is thrilling, that does not make up for the lack of a believable story line, decent acting (Dear Christina- NO!), or overall stolen movie idea. I already saw this movie, it's called "Coyote Ugly". Also, I go to burlesque shows all the time. I've yet to see one in which the girls don't take their clothes off. This is not to say comedy acts and singing may not also happen (totally depends on the show). What it is to say is there is no room for prudence at a burlesque show. So, show us some pasties. I heart Stanley Tucci and he did get the best line of the film ("No deary, a wig. I'm wearing one right now."), but for the life of me I cannot understand why some of these people are in this movie. It's perplexing. This is, however, the perfect plane movie. No one will bother you and if you fall asleep, you won't have missed anything once you wake up.

"Love and Other Drugs"- Also known as the naked Anne Hathaway movie, this is actually pretty good. Jake Gyllenhaal is a smart young man with no real ambition save for disappointing his intellectual family. He tumbles into pharmaceutical sales where he meet-cute Anne. Problem- she's got Parkinson's. The movie could be a total downer, but instead chooses to focus on the duo's relationship rather than hardship; so once that arrives we are totally on board. Rent it if you haven't already seen it.

"Salt"- The problem with this movie is that it is not the movie you saw a trailer for. This is the "Bourne Identity" if Bourne were actually the bad guy everyone thinks he is. Without giving too much away- Angelina Jolie is the model CIA agent and loving wife until a Russian defector names her as a mole. Even more amazing, he says she's been trained to be a sleeper agent since childhood. Disturbed by this news, Jolie breaks out of the CIA front and runs off looking for her husband and to clear her name. Chasing her is the always delectable Liev Schrieber. Please Hollywood, put him in more movies. I would recommend renting this, if for no other reason than a sequel as already been greenlit. It's enjoyable, and while the twist isn't so clever, the getting there is still a good time.

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