23 November 2010

Moguls & Movie Stars

Last night I caught an episode of TCM's "Moguls and Movie Stars" series, about the history of Hollywood filmmaking. The episode I watched, "Brother, can you spare a dime?" focused on Hollywood from 1929-1941, specifically the creation of the major studios, the transition from silent to "talkies", and the creation and, in some cases, destruction of the studio star. To top it off, it's narrated by Christopher Plummer whom I simply adore!

It was fascinating and I hope they release it on DVD. It would make the perfect gift or addition to your film library.

If you have cable, the series is running through December 13th. I missed the first 3 episodes, so I really hope they re-run them later. Check out their site in the link above and mark your calendar and DVR to record!

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